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In 1982, Mark became an equal partner in Danelle LTD and the Danexx brand was created. Danexx sold several million pairs of one cold weather boot that was considered the “cold remedy“ of the footwear industry. By 1989, Mark sold over 20 million pairs of the Austin bootie before selling the company to Pentland USA, owners of Reebok. Mark then started Elicon Resourcing group, a private label sourcing company, where the Boston Accent brand was born. Elicon merged with Atsco Footwear in 2000. Atsco Footwear bought the Khombu brand from a sourcing client. In 2012, Atsco was bought by its largest competitor. 

Mark is an expert in sourcing and manufacturing with factory relationships in Europe and Asia. Mark has developed brand and product strategy for footwear startups and major companies, including partnerships with licensors for major brands that expanded into the footwear industry. Mark is a leader in identifying key industry trends.


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